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Star Alliance

Somehow the stars just aligned perfectly for us.

On Saturday, February 14th, we accepted an offer on our current house.  Three days before we close on the Finding Eminence farmhouse!  Weeks of worrying if we would be able to afford double mortgage payments were magically lifted off our shoulders.  Yes, we still have the inspection process to go through with our buyers, but hopefully it will go smoothly.

We received an email with historical photos of the property from the family that owed the Finding Eminence farmhouse prior to us .  This is a sad and joyous transition for the previous owners of our new home.  The home has never left this family in 100+ years.  We can’t even begin to understand the memories this home holds for that family and the heartbreak they must feel handing it off to complete strangers.  We hope they understand that we have amazing plans for this farm and it’s going to continue to be a magical place for our little family. Check out the photos:

Farm House 001 (2) Farm House 2 001 (2) Farm House 3 001 (2) unnamed (3)


We need to check with the family on the timeline of these photos.  It’s interesting to see how the property has changed over the years.  This property will officially be our tomorrow.  It’s hard to find words to describe how excited, antsy, and scared we are.  We are ALL OF THE EMOTIONS.

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