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It has been a busy week on the farm.  We are still getting used to a new routine and unpacking our lives. All 432,988 boxes of it. That last number may have been an exaggeration.

Today we got the holes dug for our hoop house.  We are EXTREMELY behind on getting seeds started, because we had to do that whole moving thing.  But we’re getting closer to actually planting and putting our money where our mouth is. Or our home-grown food where our mouth is. See what I did there?3.23.15 copy

IMG_4189_4223My dear husband puts up with so much.  He willingly spent a lot of time hanging the collage of photos that go in Linc’s room.  Here he is figuring out the math to make it perfect.  ChrisThinking


Oh and it takes four times as long to get anything done with the 18-month-old helper that we have. Linc’s room is done except for the other half of the curtains that my mom is making.  Once those are finished, I’ll take pictures of Linc’s complete room.  But in the meantime, here’s my favorite little corner of his room.  I ended up going with this color, I love it.  It doesn’t photograph at all how it looks.  It’s more green than blue. The canvases were made by two of our close friends and the little guys on the top shelf are antique “Bill Ding” toys that were Linc’s Uncle Jerry’s as a child.  I guess you can still purchase them.


Linc is super excited for home improvement.  So excited. Can’t you tell?IMG_4219_4256



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