Not Furtherance

We didn’t get anything done this weekend.  Because of showers, surprise birthday parties, life, and the weather.  50 mph wind gusts kept slapping the house today as Linc and I napped.  Linc is in the process of cutting his canine teeth, so he has officially earned the title of Mr. Fussy and I the title of  Resting Bitch Face Mom.

We did get a pole installed for our mailbox.  The previous owners had a P.O. Box, so we have to let the concrete set and then get the actual mailbox in place.  Here we come, 19th century!

We did bust out Linc’s teepee for a distraction this afternoon.









We still don’t have a fully functioning stove/oven.  It takes 20 minutes to boil water and a half hour for the oven to come up to temperature.  We’re in the process of thinking about built-in bookshelves and a desk for our office.  The room we’re using as an office doesn’t have a closet, so we’re still pretty much in boxes in that room.  Otherwise, we’re slowing getting unpacked and settled each day.