Bring on the Rain

We, as they say on the streets, have hauled major ass this weekend.  We have the most amazing family and couldn’t have done what needed to get done without them.  Chris’s dad came on Friday and Saturday to help the continual hoop house construction. We’re so close to getting the skin on, but we have to wait for perfect non-windy conditions and about 7 people to help us do it.  Anyone interested in some labor intensive, non-paid work?


While Chris and his dad were installing Lexan on the south side of the hoop house, I started digging the raised beds in our field.


I did about 60% of it with a shovel that was two feet too short.  Chris bought us a new shovel and dug out the rest in half the time it took me.



While I was digging, we were talking about how neat it would be to find an arrowhead. Only to have Chris’s step-father look down and see one laying on top of the dirt the very next day.



The craftsmanship of the arrowhead is impeccable and it just blows my mind that it was just hanging out in the dirt for hundreds of years waiting for someone to find it.

We also busted out our seeder.  As with most things on the farm, it started out rocky and slow.


I had to leave a very frustrated Chris to pick up our son from my mother-in-laws (who is a rockstar and watched Linc the entire weekend for us so we could get stuff planted) only to come back to a revived Chris who figured it out.  I even got to plant a boatload of zinnias with it.



Our chickens look like miniature hens.  The Barred Rocks have been fun to watch grow; they have feathers on their feet, which is interesting.




We are sunburnt, sore, and exhausted.  But we feel good this week as we see an actual patch of dirt turning into a farm.