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This Week on the Farm

This post comes to you late, but here’s a choppy recap of our week:

Tuesday night we had the great opportunity to speak to our local Kiwanis about what we’re attempting to do on our micro, 1/10 of an acre and how we’d like to grow in the next year. Members patiently listened as we excitedly rambled and showed photos of our productive little hillside.

We took a few days and went with family up to Michigan to take a minute to breather and regroup.  It was definitely needed and we came back to lots of blooms and produce.

Chris has been frantically trying to can and freeze the left over green beans from the farm stand. If I remember right, he said he’s already canned 6 gallons of beans.  I’ve also discovered that I HATE harvesting green beans and the next time we have to do it I’m going to pretend there’s a flower emergency and slip away.  IMG_6137_7805 We’ve also had to run our irrigation system a lot this week.  Which feels weird, since we haven’t run it all summer due to all. the. rain. IMG_6136_7858We came home to our cafe au lait, dinner plate dahlias popping open.  To quote Chris, “anyone who has seen these dahlias has pooped a gourd.” (yes, you read that right) Not the most eloquent way to describe it, but these flowers truly are unreal.  If I could have a bed made of them or just grow dahlias for the rest of my life, I’d be ok. IMG_6162_7790IMG_6172_7783We also had the amazing opportunity to sell flowers to employees at Illinois Farm Bureau today. We completely sold out in the first two hours and couldn’t be happier with the feedback and affirmation that we’re doing something right. I had a few people ask if the dahlia display piece was for sale and couldn’t bring myself to sell it.  It seems odd, but even though I’m surrounded by these beautiful flowers, I don’t get to keep them.  And let me tell you, I couldn’t let those dahlias go quite yet!  IMG_6181_7776


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