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Honey and the Dahlias

First, I’ve got dibsies on “Honey and the Dahlias” as a band name.

If you’ve been following along on our Instagram, you’ll have seen lots of photos of our cafe au lait dahlias that we’ve been swimming in. As well as a goofy video where Chris told me “self-editing is hard.” We’ve filled lots of custom orders this week with people specifically asking for “the dahlias”.  And let me tell you people, this is a band wagon you’re going to want to jump on.

IMG_6453_8103 IMG_6952_8412 IMG_6924_8384Chris also harvested honey and our e-mail subscribers got first dibsies on honey.  We were shocked when we sold out of raw honey in 11 hours. IMG_6376_8141IMG_6380_8145



We do still have comb honey left.  We have one more night to allow our e-mail subscribers to pick up their honey, if they don’t, we will open our raw honey to the public.  If you’d like to be put on the raw honey waiting list or purchase comb honey, drop us an email at hello@findingeminence.com!


We think our chickens are just about to start laying eggs.  I had the horrifying experience of witnessing the rooster be a total cock to the hens (if you know what I mean).  Thus, our proof it’s almost egg time. The past few weeks have been a total blur. I was sort of surprised when I sat down to photograph my arrangement next to the chickens how much they’ve changed.  Just like my little boy holding “mommy’s flowers”.



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