Chugging Along

This past week, our son turned two.


I’m still a little baffled how time seems to be moving faster and faster each year. This weekend, we held a birthday party for him and we were overwhelmed with how many of our friends and family came to celebrate our spectacular little boy.  Our living room floor is now sprinkled with new books, race cars, tractors, and electronic devices.

Since announcing we are booking weddings and have a flower subscription for 2016, we have booked a couple of weddings, received some subscription sign ups, and have custom orders scheduled for next week.

Wait, didn’t you just announce things were wrapping up?

Well, sorta.

I told multiple family members this weekend that it feels like this train is moving forward with or without us. Just when our garden is winding down, it’s actually still moving full steam ahead. We’re still pulling beautiful flowers out of our field and it’s closer to October than September. Fall is knocking and we’re not quite ready to answer.

Our calendula is coming on strong:


And our double click cosmos game is on point:





We were concerned that since flowers are so readily available year round, we’d have to work harder to establish a market (especially when we told people we were growing flowers and they’d just give us the blank “mmmkay” stare in return). But it turns out that the idea of fresh, local, seasonal flowers is something that people connect with in emotional ways that none of us fully understand.

So as the land around us fades to brown as fall closes in, we’re proud (and surprised) to be growing flowers full of color and vibrancy.  And as the holidays loom in the distance, keep thinking about what a wonderful Christmas gift a flower subscription would make.