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A Week of Firsts

The first frost hit this week.

While surveying our garden and seeing the zinnias browned and withered from frost’s kiss, I felt an odd sense of relief. Normally, I feel sad because it means vases filled with flowers are no longer scattered around the house. It felt good to see a physical end to our summer season and to know a new start will be waiting for us next spring.

My sweet peas have germinated nicely. See this previous post about what I did to start them.

The anemones seem to be taking their sweet time to germinate.  I’m pretty sure I did something wrong, because they should have germinated by now.

Our peony order got seriously discombobulated by our vendor.  At the last minute, I had to drop a variety because it had doubled in price and had to choose three totally different varieties that I didn’t plan on growing at all. We will just have to wait and see how our second string peonies do.

Our farm also saw its first wedding flowers this week. My awesome sister-in-law braved the cold and was my model. Don’t worry, I paid her by feeding her left over lasagna and forcing her to watch “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Road Rally” with Lincoln all night (she definitely got the short end of the stick on that deal).


Since our season has seriously winded down, we mixed in as many of our flowers as we could with non-Finding Eminence Flowers. I was out in the field on Thursday scrambling to get as many red zinnias, sweet Annie, celosia, and broom corn before the frost could beat me to it.

IMG_9038_0627 IMG_9040_0629

It was a pretty magical moment dropping off the flowers to the bride on her big day. I got sort of emotional as she became emotional when she saw her flowers. Because that’s what happens when you have a kid, you become a big old softie that cries when someone else cries. Seeing someone who loves flowers so much be completely enamored with what I had created really made me understand the importance that we play in someone’s wedding. These are the flowers that she’ll remember for the rest of her life.  These are the flowers that her grandchildren will see when they look at her wedding portraits.  Because these are the flowers that she carried to the next chapter of her life.

I feel honored to be entrusted with the precious task of arranging these flowers. The brides who have signed up to have us do their wedding flowers have given me such a sacred gift: the ability to share with them the magic of flowers.


    • Thank you! It’s an artificial fiddlehead fern. I wish we could grow them! Since most of our stuff is done, we only grew the sweet Annie, zinnias and broom corn in the bouquet.

  1. Jolene Klintworth says

    Audra, would you like some used vases. I will be happy to save them for you

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