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Becoming Normal Again

I slowly feel like we’re returning to how things were before we dove head first into starting a farm. I find myself enjoying trivial concerns like, how long do we watch Mickey snuggled in bed before we head downstairs to find breakfast? When do we cut Lincoln off from his pacifier (or “peep” as he calls it) and is it really that big of a deal that he only uses it at night? Am I going to regret this third piece of cheesecake? (probably, but it’s good and it’s worth it).


We’ve been able to focus on being better parents and making our marriage a priority again.

We’ve been able to spend time with family and we’re getting the rest we need after working our asses off this past summer.

I’ve been able to set some time aside to get a walk in every few days down the creek that slips by our house. I’ve seen fish swimming in lime green weeds, a large coyote, and the Blue Heron that visits us frequently. IMG_3743

Our first year on the farm was so unexpectedly successful. It pushed us out of our comfort zone (which I am grateful for). However, we do sometimes need to go back into our comfort zone. It allows us to be us and gives us time to gain the courage to go back out into the unknown.

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