Happy New Year!

We’ve started 2016 with a bang. And by bang I mean I sliced my finger while cutting my son’s hair and the cut won’t stop bleeding, so I get to wear an Abraham Lincoln bandaid on my finger. I also cut his hair way too short on one side. So there goes the Hair Salon side of the farm business we were going to start this year! (totally kidding on that one)


The warm December has left us wondering what we should be doing about our hoop house plants.  They shouldn’t be this big yet, and with the cold temperatures, Chris runs out each night to cover the plants with old sheets and frost cover.


A few days ago, they all looked frost nipped, but seem to have bounced back okay.  You can also see our super professional and reliable “stick” system that holds the sheets off the plants. It’s probably how the cavemen did it, so we’re going to do it this way too.


The daffodils in the hoop house are ready to party, so we’re going to let them.  The daffodils out in the open field are doing the same. We don’t want to chance 500 daffodils being nipped by frost, so we’re going to throw some straw on them and tell them to settle down and wait until Spring.


We’re currently in the process of narrowing down our seed and plant orders. I’ll be attending the Illinois Specialty Crops, Agritourism, and Organic Conference next week in Springfield. I’m looking forward to learning more about what’s going on in our industry and how we can apply it to our little farm.

We’re still enjoying the quiet before the storm. Soon we’ll be starting seeds in our germination station, getting back to giving presentations, and going full swing into the season.

But for now, we’re content watching excessive amounts of X-files on Netflix.  Because…