Month: February 2016

Mother Nature is Sometimes Sort of a Salty Gal

Mother Nature has been serving us some really steaming hot pieces of humble pie the past few weeks. So grab a cup of coffee and read about the pieces of pie that we’re eating. First, voles.  Here is a picture of our hoop house on January 3, 2016: Here is a picture of our hoop house on February 27, 2016: “Aw, now you have tulips!” is what you’re thinking. Which, yes, we do, and by the way, thank you we’re excited about that too. But take a closer look at the two pictures in the upper right hand corner. The beautiful, lush anemones are now basically gone, thanks to voles. We tried the laughable solar powered thing that sends an electrical signal through the ground (definitely doesn’t work). We tried the mole trap thing that you set above a mole hole, the voles just made their tunnels around it. And now we’re showing some success with good old mouse traps set with peanut butter. The anemones might bounce back….but it’s probably wishful thinking. We should …

Cooped Up

We’re trudging along with winter. We’re stuck inside and dreaming of traveling to warm, exotic places. But for now, we’ll keep hibernating under fleece blankets, sipping hot tea, and confirming that yes, Netflix, we are still watching Curious George.

This Weekend Was For

This weekend was for going grocery shopping and having your two-year-old push the green children’s cart at Hy-vee and watching him do a great job of helping to put groceries in yours and his cart. This weekend was for cooking Pioneer Woman recipes most of the day while the miniature version of yourself rode his giraffe bike all over the house screaming joyously at the top of his lungs. This weekend was for pushing your camera to the crappy low-light settings to capture fleeting moments of childhood. This weekend was for organizing the shelves that hold the flower side of your business to make room for the fun supplies for the upcoming season that are headed your way. This weekend was for finally moving furniture around to make room for the piece of furniture that you purchased a year ago, to only find out it’s a death trap waiting to happen, so your husband spends a lot of time securing it to the wall. This weekend was for yelling at the T.V. when you finished season 2 of X-files, because …