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This Weekend Was For

This weekend was for going grocery shopping and having your two-year-old push the green children’s cart at Hy-vee and watching him do a great job of helping to put groceries in yours and his cart.

This weekend was for cooking Pioneer Woman recipes most of the day while the miniature version of yourself rode his giraffe bike all over the house screaming joyously at the top of his lungs.

This weekend was for pushing your camera to the crappy low-light settings to capture fleeting moments of childhood.

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This weekend was for organizing the shelves that hold the flower side of your business to make room for the fun supplies for the upcoming season that are headed your way.

This weekend was for finally moving furniture around to make room for the piece of furniture that you purchased a year ago, to only find out it’s a death trap waiting to happen, so your husband spends a lot of time securing it to the wall.


This weekend was for yelling at the T.V. when you finished season 2 of X-files, because it’s getting good and they’re finally going back to the Mulder’s sister plot line.

This weekend was for being thankful to the cute couple that purchased your previous house. Because they sent you an e-mail saying they received a package and they’d like to get it to you and you figure out it’s your entire flower seed order and they let you pick it up the very next morning. And you’re forever grateful and your husband is fuming that you accidentally shipped the entire seed order to where you used to live.

This weekend was for letting your husband have the last beer in the fridge as a symbolic peace treaty. Because dang it, he’s awesome and puts up with way too many of your shenanigans.

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