Month: March 2016

Spring is Here!

We are continually learning and growing with our little farm.  The first tulips bloomed this week and we were pleasantly surprised to sell every tulip bouquet just in time for the Easter holiday.  We were also a little shocked at the transformation our tulips took once cut.  The following tulip pictures are the exact same bouquet, but in different vases. Tulips continue growing after they’ve been cut.  Ours grew another 2.5 inches and turned into a beautiful dark pink. We have two varieties of daffodils that will pop open this week. Our email subscribers get first dibsies on our flowers so be sure you are on our email list. Otherwise, keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram pages for announcements on when and where you can purchase our flowers. The algorithms of Facebook and Instagram have recently changed, so these notifications may not show up in your newsfeed….another excellent reason to join our email list. We’ve had a few anemone survivors from the Vole infestation of 2016. And our little human played outside, consumed …

Our Shaded Memories

Recently our son has gotten very picky about which books we read him before he goes down for his nap and before he goes to sleep at night.  He’s done this before.  There was at least a six month period when all we read were Lenny and Lucy and Goodnight Tractor over and over and over again.  Both are great books, but by the thousandth time they start to wear on you a little bit.  The last month or so he’s been dedicated to the “Little Critter” book series.  We have probably 20 or more of these books.  Most of them were actually mine when I was little.  My mom lovingly saved them, as she often does, and now they are in a new bookshelf in my own son’s room.   The inside cover of each book says “This book belongs to:” and many of them have either my mom’s handwriting or my own to show that, yes, they are mine.  I have no specific memories of reading these books as a child.  I may …

Here’s to the Kid

Here’s to the kid who lives in Illinois and knows that when it gets above 40 degrees, we shed our winter coat and put on a tech vest, because we smell that spring is near. We hear the birds singing and the earth waking up a little. Here’s to the kid who patiently waits while his daddy checks on the honey bees. Here’s to the kid who got his momma’s face and thinks it’s cool to act like her. Here’s to the kid that is probably going to go on more hiking adventures than he signed up for.  Here’s to the kid who watches way too many hours of Curious George and yet genuinely wants to be outside. Here’s to the kid who is patient, kind, and forgiving as his mom and dad figure out this parenting thing, this farm thing, and this life thing.