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A Little Windblown Around Here

We spent the weekend trying to not get blown away on our little hilltop.  After two days of wind advisories, we’re just happy that our hoop house is still standing strong.  So, instead of being outside, we got to work inside.  I finished rebuilding the five foot tiller we bought last fall and now we’re just waiting on a piece to arrive in the mail and we’re ready to work some ground.  The mower is ready to cut some grass, which desperately needs done, but there was no way I was going to battle the winds on a mower this weekend.  We’re also still planting new seeds every week in our basement and potting them up and transferring them to the hoop house as needed.  Today Audra potted up zinnias, celosia, and frosted explosion grass, and we’ll most likely end the night down there planting our next round of kale, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, and whatever else we can fit under the grow lights.  

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