Month: May 2016

The Spectrum

This week has swung and served healthy doses of the opposite ends of the spectrum to us this week. On Monday, I received a call that I will be inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame at the University where Chris and I both attended (insert me tooting my own horn here). I used to play volleyball and after graduation I’d like to think I turned into somewhat of a decent human being, so I was shocked, honored, and excited to receive this award. And then, to my own doing, I made sure that joy left as quickly as possible. Tuesday I decided to make a delicious ham and au gratin potato dish for dinner. I threw caution to the wind, got out the mandolin cutter for the first time ever and threw even more caution to the wind and decided to use it without the safety guard. Because what idiot needs that cartoonishly large safety guard? We  all see where this is going. I slice, what I think is, a sizeable chunk of my pinky. …

Documenting our Days…and Nights

I started keeping a “farm journal” just over a year ago.  It’s one of those “Five Year Journals” where each day has five entry spaces on it so you can document what you did on the same day for a five year period.  Audra has been doing one for our son since he was born.  She’s much more diligent about it than I am.  So far this year, though, I’ve documented something about the farm every day.  It’s been interesting to see already how this year is so different than last, but also how similar it is.  We keep growing and changing in ways we maybe never thought possible, though life still plugs along in the same glorious way it always has.   According to my journal, our plants are just a little bit behind where they were last year (more due to the cool spring than any fault on our part).  Granted, we have a lot MORE plants than we did last year.  A year ago yesterday we first put our chickens into their …

On Motherhood

My 2.5 year old son has my face and his daddy’s hair. There are days that are good and days where I rock him to sleep and think “I sucked at being a Mom today.” My son is head strong, independent, funny, helpful, thinks his Dad is the coolest person who has ever walked the earth, and can’t. STOP. TALKING. ABOUT. ALL. THE. TRACTORS. I’m not the first mother to ever feel like she’s not good enough, can’t do it anymore, or needs a break. I feel these emotions a lot in motherhood. I don’t know all the answers but my main goal each day is to be sure my son knows he is loved and is safe and treats others kindly. The moment we first saw our farm, we knew it would be a magical place for our son to grow up. I guess I didn’t realize that we’d all be growing on this farm. I underestimated how much I would grow as a person and a mother here on this little windy hilltop.