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How Do We?

How do we do all that we do?


How do we grow a 1/2 acre of flowers and vegetables? How do we have time to cook dinner? How do we raise a child? How do we keep harvesting the hundreds of sunflowers when the wholesaler says they don’t want to buy any? How do we even see straight at the end of the day?


How do we keep following a path blindly when we don’t know where this path is taking us?


How do we do it?

It’s a question we’re asked a lot. And for a while our answer was “we don’t”, but as we keep barreling down this path that we’re making for ourselves, the correct answer is becoming more clear: Love.


Because, love.

We’re able to run a farm, work full-time, raise a child, be crazy, be wild, throw caution to the wind because we are loved. Loved by our families who feed us, care for us, wipe our tears, brush off the dust, and tell us to get back up.



Love feeds our souls and drives us to work hard to put good food in your bellies.


Love settles on our tired bodies and sun-kissed faces at the end of the day.

Chris’s love for getting his hands dirty helps get him up at absurd hours in the morning to make this farm work.


Love is how we do it. Love is how we all should be doing it.

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