The Huntresses

The Huntress heads toward me, ball of black in her mouth, with her daughters behind her and leaves the remains of her prey at the step of the stoop. She purrs with satisfaction as I dry heave and yell at Chris to clean up this disgusting mess before I lose my cookies.

We got cats to curb our vole problem. A mom and two female kittens. They are doing their job, but I just can’t handle how they are completing their work.


We had two weddings this weekend. One in Naperville and one in Lexington. It was nice having the cats around while I was designing. They would lay at my feet and I would talk and sing to them and then instantly realize that’s a sure-fire way to become “The Crazy Cat Lady.”So I made sure to only sing to them when I could guarantee I was totally alone…which still doesn’t help the “Crazy Cat Lady” status.


Lincoln named one of the kittens “ATV.” I, against Chris’s disapproval, named the other “Sasses Molasses” and the mom already had the appropriate name of “Sweet Pea” when we got her.


All three cats are so great with Lincoln as he shrieks and yells at them constantly. They’ve seamlessly become a part of this crazy, little farm. The cats have happily greeted each visitor to the farm this week. So send good vibes that these farm cats stay awhile, remain safe, and keep their disgusting mice finds far, far away from me.