Month: September 2016

Anna and Kevin

On a warm day, back in August, I packed flowers in the back of my SUV and drove up to Naperville, IL to Meson Sabika to deliver flowers to Anna and Kevin for their wedding day. Anna and Kevin did such an amazing job making their wedding day special and personal. Kevin wore a bow tie made of cat fabric that Anna and her mom made. And Anna wrapped a piece of her mother’s wedding dress and a blue broach that belonged to Kevin’s late grandmother around her bouquet. It still seems surreal that people chose us to be a part of such an important day. We get to be part of something that is big and something that’s even bigger than us. After the blood, sweat, tears, more blood, and swearing, and more tears (and money, SO. MUCH. MONEY) that has gone into this farm. These pictures put it into perspective. What we are doing is worth it and what we are doing matters. All photos by Anna Sodziak.    

This Place

Today topped out over 80 degrees.  Later this week it’s supposed to get close to 90 a few days.  These summer temperatures aside, fall is certainly in the air.  And our farm is a little bit of a hot mess right now.  We desperately need to start clearing out beds, tilling in crops, and tidying this place up.  Weeds have absolutely kicked our butts this year.  We didn’t know it, but we never stood a chance.  “Next year will be different.”  That’s our current mantra.  I think one of our strengths is our willingness/passion/unending desire to learn, and this year has not disappointed on that front.  With a few minor investments and a redistribution of labor, we’re going to make those weeds wish they were never born.  But unfortunately for us, our inability to keep them under control this year will result in increased weed pressure for years to come.  Learnin’ ain’t free, ya’ll.   Today we cleaned up and re-organized the shed.  You know, the shed that we’ve somehow FILLED UP in less than …

Behind the Scenes

I’m sitting here writing this blog post with a head cold, drinking my millionth cup of tea with honey, just willing the cold to go away. I am the worst patient ever. Instead of rolling with being sick, I just want to be angry that I’m really sick and want everyone around me to know how angry I am that I’m sick. Hey, have you heard? I. AM. SICK. AND. I. HATE. IT. This coming week we have two large weddings coming up. I CAN NOT afford to be sick. So Chris and Lincoln are at Grandma’s house swimming on this last summer day, and I’m stuck inside watching Golden Girls, wallowing in all my negative feelings. This is the reality of our farm. Mucking through a lot of muck to get to the beauty. There’s beauty in the mess of figuring it out while trying really hard to maintain your dignity and professionalism on the internet. There’s beauty in showing people that you’re real, you didn’t get it on the first try, and we’re …