Month: October 2016

Out of Words

This farm is kicking our ass. There. I said it. Whew. And frankly, I don’t want to talk about it, because I’m all out of words. I just want to mow down the failures and successes, tuck them away for the winter, get under a blanket and drink a lot of whiskey. Then come spring, I want to plant all the things, arrange all the flowers, and start all over again. But in the mean time, I’ll just need to be okay with the fact that my house is a disaster, I was able to make corn tortillas from scratch with my family last weekend, the pile of laundry will never subside, it’s okay to drink the super classy Rose spritzer on a Monday night (by super classy I mean I dump Sprite in Rose with ice cubs and think I’m Carrie from Sex in the City), and know that the ebb and flow of this place will, er, ebb and flow again really soon. So Rose Spritzer cheers, friends! Because we all know that …

Farm Silence

We apologize for the internet silence. But we are frankly fraying at the edges a little. We tucked away our last wedding of the season on Friday. Since the flower subscriptions stoppedĀ and Chris went back to school, we have had to seriously prioritize things with the farm. Our beds went weedy and rouge and we only focused our attention on the flowers that were needed for the remaining weddings. We are slowly pulling out drip irrigation, t-posts, and landscape fabric. We’re trying to get the hoop house turned over for when our spring bulbs arrive, they can be tucked in and we can officially tuck everything else in. We are moving slow. We are tired. Chris and I are planning a day in November, where we look at all the numbers, look at where time was spent, and get a plan in place to streamline, to pivot, and to make this farm more efficient and successful. We threw a really wide net out this year to help decipher what this farm should be and what …

Kait and Joe

We are approaching the downward spiral of this crazybusy wedding season. After this weekend, we only have one more wedding to go to wrap up this year. We have broken apart the farm into manageable pieces since Chris has gone back to school. We are tired, sore, exhausted, and stressed out. We have found it hard to write meaningful words these past few weeks on the blog, so we will let Rachael Schirano do it with her pictures of Kait and Joe’s wedding this past July. Kait and Joe were the nicest and most down to earth people to work with. We were so honored to be a part of their big day.