Farm Silence

We apologize for the internet silence. But we are frankly fraying at the edges a little.

We tucked away our last wedding of the season on Friday. Since the flower subscriptions stoppedĀ and Chris went back to school, we have had to seriously prioritize things with the farm. Our beds went weedy and rouge and we only focused our attention on the flowers that were needed for the remaining weddings.

We are slowly pulling out drip irrigation, t-posts, and landscape fabric. We’re trying to get the hoop house turned over for when our spring bulbs arrive, they can be tucked in and we can officially tuck everything else in. We are moving slow. We are tired.

Chris and I are planning a day in November, where we look at all the numbers, look at where time was spent, and get a plan in place to streamline, to pivot, and to make this farm more efficient and successful.

We threw a really wide net out this year to help decipher what this farm should be and what we enjoy doing. Our November meeting will help us decide this.

So as we pack up the second season of the farm, we really are thankful to you for dropping by this little corner of the internet to support this crazy little dream. Thank you for watching my insane stories on Instagram where I walk around talking way too loudly in weird voices. Thank you for liking our posts on Facebook and for telling us we’re doing a good job, when we really don’t feel like we are.

Thank you friends.