Month: November 2016

Tucked In

I think we finally, pretty much have our fields and hoop house tucked in for the season. And everyone at Finding Eminence Farm takes a collective sigh.  Oh. Except for the hay rack full of manure that snapped in half by one of our fields and we’re not sure how to get it out. BUT OTHER THAN THAT WE’RE DOING GREAT. We’re experiencing typical Illinois weather. Warm one minute, cold and dreary the next. But we are taking time to get back to basics. Which means reassessing, taking time to be, and wading through the sidewalk filled with chalk-drawn roads scattered with pirate boats and tractors while watchful eyes keep over us. I used to get anxiety around this time of year when the sun sets at 4:30 p.m. and it gets too cold too quickly. I’d feel boredom and restlessness. Guilt for not spending enough time outside in the sun during the summer. It’s refreshing to be on the other side and living seasonally now.  The anxiety of winter is gone, because I feel like every ounce of summer was squeezed out …

Taking Care of Us and Ours

Sometimes around here it seems like most everything is just a little bit broken.  Some of our bathroom tiles are almost completely free of the wall.  Under most of our windows the plaster is damaged and cracked from moisture that got in long ago before the windows were finally replaced.  Our little tiller needs the carburetor rebuilt.  I need to tear down the shed that was serving as our chicken coop before it decides to just sit down on its own.  And the list goes on and on.   Our son is very into pretending to fix things right now.  He has a little tool belt with plastic tools which allows him to fix just about anything his creativity desires.  Hopefully that sentiment lasts.  Those are important life skills when your parents make you grow up in an old, drafty farmhouse. A week or two ago the doorknob fell off on the door leading upstairs.  I help direct a play in the fall at the high school where I teach, so of course it happened …

Bobbie and Seth

Bobbie and Seth were married in downtown Chicago. That’s right, we grew, arranged, and loaded up everything and headed to the bustling city. Photographer: Ingrid Bonne Photography Reception: River Roast, Chicago, IL