Tucked In

I think we finally, pretty much have our fields and hoop house tucked in for the season.

And everyone at Finding Eminence Farm takes a collective sigh. img_2358_5265_1

Oh. Except for the hay rack full of manure that snapped in half by one of our fields and we’re not sure how to get it out. BUT OTHER THAN THAT WE’RE DOING GREAT.


We’re experiencing typical Illinois weather. Warm one minute, cold and dreary the next. img_2378_5285_1But we are taking time to get back to basics. Which means reassessing, taking time to be, and wading through the sidewalk filled with chalk-drawn roads scattered with pirate boats and tractors while watchful eyes keep over us.img_2325_5316_1

I used to get anxiety around this time of year when the sun sets at 4:30 p.m. and it gets too cold too quickly. I’d feel boredom and restlessness. Guilt for not spending enough time outside in the sun during the summer. It’s refreshing to be on the other side and living seasonally now.  The anxiety of winter is gone, because I feel like every ounce of summer was squeezed out of me so when the cold, southern winds came, I put on my winter coat with a smile. The cold is welcome, the darkness is welcome. Because I know I can tuck into winter and the sun and the warmth will come back very soon.