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Two Years

Two years ago, we packed up our house and our seventeen month old baby and moved to this farm.


We took a giant leap of faith and didn’t really know what was going to catch us on the other side.



We dumped money, blood, sweat, and tears into Finding Eminence Farm and we’ve tried to capture the honest and sometimes too raw emotions that come with running a business with your life partner while having a little one too. Sometimes it’s been really funny and sometimes it’s been really, really, really, really not funny.


Yet here we are, two years later, still standing and you are still with us.


We have been working really hard behind the scenes to streamline things and make our quality of life better. We are investing in perennials, more hoop houses, and better equipment to grow better, faster, and more efficiently.  **Confession Hour** this comes after two years of our farm owning ONLY ONE SHOVEL (how does a farm only own one shovel?). We’re trying to extend our season, grow more unusual things, arrange flowers for super special days, and still have enough energy left at the end of the day to be the parents that Lincoln deserves. (I’ll let you know whenever we have this life balance thing figured out).



But more importantly we can’t thank you enough for sticking through us these past two years. We have a vision for what this windy little hilltop should be and no matter how successful or unsuccessful we’ve been, we always want this hilltop to include you.


Grow on, friends.


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