The Little Church on the Prairie

**Edited 7/4/17** I received an email from the family that helps to maintain this church and property and would like to apologize. I originally called this church abandoned, which wasn’t fair. While services are not held regularly at this church, it still remains a staple of the community and many people have helped to maintain it, including raising the funds needed for a new roof. We very much understand how hard work and determination are key elements in keeping something special. Calling it abandoned on my part undermined the progress of many people. Just because I didn’t see people in the church, doesn’t mean it’s abandoned.**

Tucked in the corn and soybeans is an 150 year old church that sits on the prairie of central Illinois. This church is where Arden and Josh decided to exchange their vows. Sara Gardner Photography joined us and captured what it takes to make something sacred look overgrown and loved. The flower installation for this church is one of the most magical things we have been trusted to do.

Images by Sara Gardner Photography.