Month: September 2017

The Art of Being Weird

Almost three years ago, we started our farm and put a lot of our lives out there for you to see. Like a lot. This formula of “watch us do a thing online” isn’t a new formula and I think most people walk this line of “how much do I share?” and “Whoa, I just shared too much.” (See: me most days on our Instagram stories) There’s one part of this formula that we don’t talk about enough: talking about yourself authentically and honestly requires vulnerability. And being vulnerable is weird, awkward, and most times uncomfortable. But as my homegirl Brene Brown has said, “I’ve never achieved a single thing in my career or life comfortably.” (Seriously, if I ever get to meet Brene Brown, we’re hugging it out.) Even though we have a farm, we are no different than you – guy who is eating a bowl of ice cream in sweat pants that his mom bought him 15 years ago or lady who just said that weird thing to the cashier about bandaids. …

Our BCS Tractor

After months of research, this past winter we finally made up our mind and bought a BCS two-wheel tractor.  Though the expression is overused, we will still say that this tool has been a “game changer”.  When we talk to people about our new tractor, we often get some raised eyebrows, especially since we’re in corn and soybean country and when we say “tractor” that conjures up images of much bigger vehicles.  So, here’s the skinny with our BCS. These Italian-made, two-wheel tractors have been popular in Europe for decades.  With the resurgence of small-scale farming in the U.S. the past few years, they are becoming standard fare for little farms like ours.  Our BCS looks like a tiller, but it is actually a whole heckuva lot more.  The tractor is entirely gear driven, so no belts to break.  It’s built as sturdy as a full-size tractor, but in a much smaller package.  It has a PTO that allows the user to attach all sorts of implements to the unit. We have just three implements …

Stewart and Kevin

We had the awesome opportunity to be a part of Stewart and Kevin’s special day. They love the outdoors and wanted to bring them in. And when some outdoor kids ask another set of outdoor kids to come out and a play, we run screaming “yes”.

Peyton and Alex

Peyton and Alex were so sweet and kind and came to the farm to see their flowers growing. Everything except the roses and the eucalyptus were grown on our farm. Photos by Images by Whitney