Fall Update

I’m sitting here at about 4:30 p.m. on this first day without daylight savings, peeking out the window mournfully as I know that darkness will soon be here.  The increased darkness this time of year is a good sign that it’s time to slow down a little, hunker down, and enjoy the harvests of our efforts.  Things have definitely slowed down around the farm, but we still have a lot to accomplish before winter truly arrives.

Our field production is almost completely done, except for one last bed of lettuce that is growing frustratingly slow with the cooler temps and limited daylight.  I’m hoping it will provide us more good harvest before a hard frost takes it out.  We have ripped out the majority of our fields at this point, but a handful of beds still need our efforts.  Inside, our micro green production is starting to expand.  We continue to deliver weekly to Green Top Grocery, and we’re starting to do some restaurant business as well.

Yesterday our sunflower shoots were used in the “Cure Series” at Kemp’s Upper Tap in Lexington, just a few miles from our farm.  For years, Audra and I have kept mental lists of our “Top 5 Meals.”  Usually the meals were special occasions or memorable meals from past vacations.  The meal yesterday is most definitely now on my Top 5 list, made even sweeter by the fact that we had a teeny tiny contribution to its deliciousness.  The vast collection of craft beers on tap didn’t hurt, either.

In addition to the micro mixes and sun/pea shoots, I’ve also started experimenting with micro herbs and am excited to add those to our list of products soon.  

While there is always a lot going on around here, we are definitely taking the hint and slowing down a little.  We took a weekend trip to Iowa a few weekends ago to visit Seed Savers Exchange Farm and enjoy the fall colors, and there’s been a decent amount of Netflix watching after dark in the past month.  As the holiday season approaches with astonishing speed, we’re once again compelled to reflect on how blessed we continue to be to be able to chase this crazy dream.

Our fields are going dormant for a while, but you can still enjoy the beauty of the farm with our 2018 calendar.  These are available now on our website; they make great gifts or really beautiful scratch paper.