Each night, after we finish supper (whether it’s at our dining room table or staring like a zombie at the television) we have taught Lincoln that he has to ask to be excused and he has to thank each of us for dinner.

This seems crazy and I by no means am shouting from the rooftop about  what a wonderful parent I am. But I am trying really hard to teach our son empathy and compassion. Yes, it’s obviously my job to feed my kid. But I want my kid to know that we work really hard to keep a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and our bodies warm. We are lucky because we are healthy and have an obnoxious work ethic. And for all this, we should be thankful each and everyday.

I was telling Chris the other day how shocked I am that people pay us to do their wedding flowers and when we show up on their wedding day they are so grateful for our hard work. “But they’re paying me, it’s my job,” I told him. His response? “We work with really kind and genuine people.”

So, let me tell you, I am forever grateful for people who reach out and connect with us, for people who have followed us all along, for those who listen to us, and for new friends who have just joined this crazy party. I am grateful to everyone who believes in this dream. Thank you.

P.S. Calendars are still for sale!