Slow Flow

We are in recovery mode from the summer, but planning mode for next year as we steadily wade our way into engagement season. Engagement season? Yes, engagement season. People propose during certain times of the year and the most popular time to propose is, you guessed it, Christmas and New Years.

There have been quite a few nights of me chatting on the phone with wonderful people who explain with excitement their vision for their wedding day. There are people who get us and people who don’t and that’s okay.

But the people who get us are more than likely people who love the outdoors, who understand the value of hard work, and get that magical things don’t come from pressing a button.

A potential bride told me this week “that must be a lot of work for two people.” It is a lot of hard work, but it’s such great hard work. And the reality is getting to work is a privilege and I’m thankful for that hard, back-breaking, sweaty, buggy work because I get to do it with two people who get me.

And that hard work translates into days like this where other people just get it too:


Couples don’t realize it that all the world’s problems are solved, music is blared, tears are shed, dreams are conjured, so much laughter happens, and lame movie quotes are said over and over again all while growing and designing their flowers. Magic exists and it thrives on this little hill top and moving here and growing unconventional crops was the best damn thing we ever did.

Thank you for your love, support, guidance, and cheers this year.┬áJohn B. McLemore once said, “but the best times of my life, I realize, were the times I spent in the forest and field.” We get it and we know you do too.

Photos by Rachael Schirano, Sara Gardner Photography, Larry Reimker, and Images by Whitney.