Spring Farm Update

It’s hard to believe we are starting our fourth summer here at the farm. Yet, here we are.

Chris has become a seed starting and micro green badass. We still order in a fair share of plugs of the varieties we’ve figured out we are just not great at growing. Almost all of the seeds Chris has started looks as if they were grown in a professional, heated greenhouse.

We decided last fall to stop growing a lot of things okay and drill down and grow a few things really well. Chris has been growing and delivering micro greens each week to Green Top Grocery.

We saw a need with other florists last fall for dahlias, so we kicked off a lot of varieties we were kind of crappy at growing and went full blast with dahlias. We definitely scratched our heads when 3/4 of them went in and took up most of our growing space. “Um, oops,” I said to Chris as he gave me the buggy-eyed “WTF” look that I know all too well.

Our classes for the year are filling up nicely. If you’d like to come to the farm and pick flowers and learn to arrange them and listen to my awful jokes and watch Chris roll his eyes at said awful jokes, then sign up!

We are currently swimming in double bloom tulips. Keep your eyes peeled for where they’ll be sold soon.

Once again we have a lot of awesome things going on for Mother’s Day:
Pop-up at Retrofit Culture on Saturday, May 12th | 10:00 a.m.
Flower Arranging Class at Green Top Grocery on May 12th | 3:00 p.m.
Custom Flower arrangements for mom
Classes to take with mom

And, per usual, we try to juggle this farm with parenting, being married, living a fulfilled life, and general wondering “what the hell we’re doing”.

We’re grateful for all the people who have supported this crazy dream.