Alyssa and AJ

It was an absolute damn honor to be a part of Alyssa and AJ’s wedding day.

We grew the zinnias, dahlias, scabiosa, nicotiana, and feather top grass for their wedding day. But here was the best part: Alyssa believed in us from the beginning. She was easy to work with, had wonderful ideas, and trusted us to grow beautiful and unique flowers for her.  Alyssa is a calligrapher and I think our styles meshed together really well. She also is a teacher and had a scholarship to swim in college. Can we also talk about how light blue and bright jewel tones work really well together??

We don’t often get to spend time with our couples outside of planning their wedding day. Alyssa and her mom, Wendy, came to our peony flower arranging class this past May. It was so great to learn more about them and spend some time with them. If Alyssa lived closer, we’d be good friends, whether she wanted to be or not. 🙂

Wedding Photographer: Justine Bursoni
Venue: Champaign Country Club
Calligraphy: AP Calligraphy
Peony Class Photographer: Rachael Schirano Photography