It’s So Close

We’re almost there, can you feel it? The way the sun hangs above the horizon a little longer each day? The way the thawing earth squishes beneath our feet? How the thermometer tempts us by stretching towards 40 degrees.

Spring is almost here. I can see it in the little snow birds nipping near the peonies, the pheasant who has taken residence near the creek, the way Sweet Pea stalks the vole trails, and the third opossum who has made it’s way into our chicken coop this month. Yuck.

We’re almost there. We’re slowing shaking off the slumber we have been in. The hibernation we need that winter brings. Chris has been upgrading our microgreen set-up. We’re swapping out metal shelves for custom wood shelves that house a large watering tray for the microgreen trays and it will speed up our daily watering process. And we are upgrading to LED grow lights to conserve more energy.

Seeds are being started, corms are being soaked, and anemones are poking up in the hoop house. I have been meeting with couples about flowers for their wedding day. This year marks the largest amount of weddings we have ever done. Is it finally paying off that we incessantly talk about our farm to the point where we probably need to shut up about it? Maybe.

The spring cleaning list is being made. Soon the farm will be humming and blooming and we’ll be working with crazy amounts of crotch sweat. But we’re in that sweet spot of the the relaxation of winter mixed in possibility of spring.