Prairie Winds

This is my first spring being full-time on the farm and boy are things different. We have most evenings together, which has been such a nice treat. In the past, most spring planting was crammed into weeknights after supper or weekends. We’ve gotten more time back as a family and for that I’m extremely grateful.

We always try to develop a game plan for where the plants will go in the field. But what always happens is we’ll have two or three nice days where we can plant and so it’s a mad dash to get whatever plants are ready into the ground. We always forget how strong the winds are this time of year. I tried to put up low tunnels with Agribond fabric yesterday on the newly planted crops, to only to have it be a fool’s errand with the wind whipping it around like a bunch of Kleenex.

Our hoop house is just about to burst with blooms. We just need a few more sunny days. The violas in the hoop fill it full of heady fragrance. I never knew violas had a scent.

One of our cats, Sweet Pea, has started snuggling on my lap while I do computer work. When we got her, she was a little skiddish and we could only really pet her, she wouldn’t let us hold her. It was never part of the plan to let her in my heart or on my lap and yet here she sits purr-snoring with her first set of eye lids closed looking like a cat zombie. Gosh I love her so much.

We have a full-fledged farm helper this year. We’re able to trust him with certain chores. He hauled t-posts by himself the other day and can identify different types of flowers but refuses to eat the “sticks” (stems) of microgreens. He’ll go off to Kindergarten this fall. How did time go by so fast?