Our Family


Hi, we’re Audra and Chris.

At Finding Eminence Farm, we grow cut flowers and vegetables on a windy hilltop tucked between the vast fields of corn and soybeans in Central Illinois. We firmly believe in chasing crazy dreams, cocktails with whiskey, having dirt under our fingernails, eating boxed macaroni and cheese on snow days, and not taking ourselves too seriously.

We purchased a hundred year old farm house and three tiny acres in 2015 and things haven’t been the same since. We both do our fair share of weeding and growing, but Chris takes the lead in the growing department and Audra takes the lead in the designing and wedding department and Lincoln…he takes the lead in the pretend tilling and tractor management.

In the summer, we haul ass and grow flowers that are hard to find and vegetables that taste 1,000 times better than store bought. In the winter, we live under three sets of blankets and emerge in the spring.