Most of us have memories as children of grabbing fistfuls of dandelions, clover blossoms, and other small treasures and presenting our “bouquets” to those we love. Even as kids, we understood the wonder and awe that fresh cut, seasonal flowers evoke in those who receive them.

Flower farming is not nearly this easy, but we work tirelessly to grow and arrange beautiful flowers that will remind you and your wedding guests of that same feeling. We love what we do, and our primary goal is to share that love with you. We want you to feel connected to your flowers in meaningful ways. You are welcome to come out to the farm to see your wedding flowers growing in our fields. Whenever possible, we’ll even custom grow specific flowers just for you.

Flowers hold such strong memories and meanings. It’s often hard to find the words to explain why we grow flowers. Like love, if you could easily sum it up or explain it, then it wouldn’t be special.