We’re different. And we get that.

We are a farmer-florist. What does that mean? Unlike a traditional florist, we grow the majority of the flowers we arrange with on our tiny three-acre farm. Most cut flowers you purchase from a florist or grocery store are shipped from other countries, like Columbia and Ecuador, and go on a crazy long ride before they ever reach you. We think that’s whack. Our flowers are cut just a day or two prior to arranging and travel an extremely short distance before they are placed into your hands.

Many of the flowers we grow are unique, hard-to-find blooms that don’t ship well, and as a result, are difficult to find with other florists.

Our farm is conveniently located in Central Illinois, so we provide beautiful blooms to anywhere in the state.

We think the process of getting your wedding flowers should be easy and seamless. Therefore, Audra oversees the entire process and is your contact the entire time. If your wedding dream includes flowers we don’t grow, she works with other local growers and wholesalers to ensure your day is exactly how you envisioned it.

Contact us today to have Finding Eminence Farm wedding flowers.